Day 9 - June 9

After a 12-hour ride in a two truck and arriving here after 2am, I did a lot of nothing today. We got the bike to the dealer first thing this morning, but I was disappointed to find that they hadn't ordered the part early enough for Friday delivery and didn't seem to know how they could have asked for Saturday delivery. It is a shame because It would have cost BMW far less in reimbursement and me far less lost trip time had they paid a few bucks for Saturday delivery. I did confirm that it could have been arranged, but I guess the procedure was lost on the dealer. In all fairness to the dealer, they took very good care of me - I just don't think they realized the opportunity they had to rise above normal policy and procedure. Oh well, I can use this time to sort pictures, do laundry, rest and explore Alaska in a rental. I picked up a Chevy 4x4 crew cab pickup to use until Tuesday. There was a 5K women's run and a downtown bazaar right out the hotel's front door, so I grabbed some local food and flavor before going back to the room.

Total mileage today: 0.

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