Day 10 - June 10

Today I traveled by automobile to Homer and to Seward. About 50 miles from Anchorage the tire on my pickup went flat. While I haven't had a flat on anything in over two decades, the tools and spare were all there and it took all of ten minutes to change. I was reminded of the Bill Engvall routine when a guy in a motorhome stopped and said: "you got a flat?" I really wanted to reply: "No, I was just driving along and the other three just plum swole up - here's your sign". Fortunately I didn't go with my first thought and thanked him for stopping.

The drive to Homer follows the entirety of the Kenai Peninsula. It was a beautiful drive and at many times looking northward you view Aleutian Range across the Cook Inlet, a bay from the Pacific Ocean. There were homes all along the bluffs and a handful of small communities. I could handle waking up to that view every day. Homer is a small village nestled in the hills at the tip of the Kenai Peninsula. I saw a couple of moose wandering around town, reminding me of the TV series 'Northern Exposure'. Homer is quite a bit larger than the fictional Cicely but the Moose was amusing none the less. I drove out onto the Homer Spit, kind of a hodgepodge of restaurants, sightseeing agencies and goods. it was very busy on Saturday. I drove back toward Anchorage, traveling down to Seward to take a look. The day was bright but very hazy making most of the photos a little soft.

Total mileage today: 518.

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