Day 16 - June 16

I chose to stay in Whitehorse for two nights so I could take care of some job related responsibilities, laundry and to get my original tires reinstalled. Yukon Honda kept the old tires when they mounted the knobbies so that I could put them back on for the trip home. John and Collin couldn't have been more helpful. They keep a lot of tires on hand to take care of riders of many different kinds of bikes. If you need anything specific you can call ahead and ask them to get it. I called ahead and reserved the tires for my GS, so I could be sure they would have them.

It was also good to relax for a day. I was a little stiff and sore from three long days of riding, mostly on dirt. I had aches and pains in places I didn't even know I had places.

I wandered around Whitehorse for a bit and took a few pictures. I was a little upset that people had gone through my food and supplies while parked at the Best Western and that they knew there was a problem and did not let me know od do anything about it. I liked the way I was treated at the Westmark in Dawson City, so I stayed at the Westmark in Whitehorse this time around.



Total mileage today: 0.

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