Day 6 - June 6

I left Whitehorse under overcast skies, rain looked iminent. I was not sure what to expect with the new Continental TKC80 knobbies, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were not as noisy as I'd expected and their traction on the wet pavement was very good. It rained constantly starting about 5 miles out of whitehorse. for the next 200 miles the rain didn't let up except for a few minutes at a time. At those times I stopped to take some pictures. At my third stop, just after I refueled, the bike would not start. I got an EWS! warning in the display, meaning that the key based immobilizer had malfunctioned. It began to rain again, so I pitched the tent, got the satellite phone and began trying to coordinate help.


Total planned mileage today: 589 actual mileage: 331.

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