Day 19 - June 19

I traveled from Fort St. John in British Columbia to Jasper, Alberta. From Fort St Johns you head out of the hills toward Grande Prairie, where it is very flat and agrarian. Then as you head south from Grande Prarie you go back into the Canadian Rockies toward Jasper. Today I welcomed great weather with very few clouds and little chance of rain. It had rained on me for most of the last three days, so the good weather was a great improvement. decided to make the day short so that I could get into Jasper early enough for time to relax and enjoy a nice dinner. I found an Internet deal for the Sawridge Inn that was very reasonable and included breakfast. Michelle and I found the bed and breakfast packages to be cheaper than the room alone when we stay in Banff and this property in Jasper was the same. I spent some time wandering Jasper this evening. Jasper is a very pleasant mountain town, much like Banff or Aspen here in Colorado. There are lots of shops and restaurants along the main street. It is a small town, but was very busy in the height of tourist season.


Total mileage today: 375.

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