Day15 - June 15

I woke up to overcast skies, but no rain. I had to make a choice whether to continue on to Inuvik or to head back down the Dempster to Whitehorse. I decided to ride back to Eagle Plains and call the airline in Inuvik to see if I could fly to Tuktoyaktuk (on the Arctic Ocean). They said their next opening was on Monday and this was Friday. I had originally worked all of this out, but when the bike malfunctioned, I had to scrub my original plans. Had the border not been closed on Wednesday, I would have made it to Dawson and to Inuvik on Thursday. The flights are at 9:30 in the morning and I could have been on one Friday. Now I simply didn't have enough time to wait until Monday for a flight, so I returned to Whitehorse.

Since I was traveling the same routes as I had earlier, I didn't take as many pictures. Because of the cold night and the abuse of the Dempster, my big camera was malfunctioning this morning. I used a small Canon SD700IS for some of the day's pictures. I was able to clear the error in the big camera later in the day when it warmed up.


Total mileage today: 581.

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