Day 14 - June 14

Since the border opened at 8:00am, there was no point getting an early start. I had a good night camping, the mosquitoes were tolerable and despite the light, I was able to sleep about six hours. I crossed into Canada, went though Dawson and on to the beginning of the Dempster.

I traveled about 400 miles on the dempster and was following rain showers the entire way. While I never got rained on, the road was mostly wet and very slick in spots. I had planned on stopping at Eagle Plains for the night and continue in to Inuvik the next day. When I got to Eagle Plains they had no knowledge of the reservation I had called in from Anchorage - and they had no rooms. I was told that there was a hotel in Fort McPherson, so I continued on. Exhausted, cold and wet, I went to the 'hotel' in Fort McPherson only to find the handful of rooms were all occupied. I decided to make the final 120 miles to Inuvik About 40 miles in with it raining steadily and the road so slick, I decided to can the idea of Inuvik and go back to camp for the night. There was a campground near the ferry. When I stopped the mosquitoes attacked to the degree that I couldn't imagine trying to set up the tent. I decided to go to a campground some 60 miles back toward Eagle Plains, where I stayed for the night.

Total mileage today: 595.

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