Day 2 - June 2

I left Great Falls, MT north on I-15 toward the border crossing at Sweetgrass. Since I arrived at Great Falls fairly late last night, I started late this morning. I was anxious to get to Canada and to a few new roads through some familiar places. I had originally planned to take the forestry access road from Coleman, through the foothills of the Rockies to Banff. When I arrived at 940 I was greeted with a 'Road Closed' sign. I went back to Hwy-2 and north to 533, hoping to take 541 to 40 along the foothills. When I got to 541 there was a sign indicating the road closed in a dead end 45km ahead. I took 22 north to TC-1. It was a little congested with traffic but still a beautiful drive. I continued on TC-1 to the Icefields Highway. I stopped in Banff National Park for the evening. I have finally gotten into a real 'groove' riding the GS. It has a really nice road personality and handles any road or climate condition with complete confidence. The cruise control I installed at the 11th hour was worth every bit of the effort to install.

Total mileage today: 630

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