Day 21 - June 21

I left Whitefish, Montanana and traveled to Glacier National Park. I knew that Going to the Sun Highway through Glacier had been damaged this winter and that I would be unable to go all the way through to Saint Mary. I originally was going to ride all the way through to St Mary, then smaller highways down to either the north or northeast entrance to Yellowstone. I was able to ride about 28 miles on the Going to the Sun Highway. The road is closed beyond the Weeping Wall. At that point you turn around and go back the same way you came. If you want to see the rest of Going to the Sun Highway, you can travel east on US 2 then north on 89 to St Mary. Then you can travel west on the Going tothe Sun Highway to just above the rockslide damage. Since that would have added another day to my trip, I decided to go to Livingston, MT after Glacier to stay for the night. I was far from being tired of riding, but I decided I would rather go home a day or so earlier so that I could have a few days at home before I had to go back to the office.


Total mileage today: 449.

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