Day 12 - June 12

The BMW dealer was closed yesterday, so I went to check on the bike. The part had arrived and they were deep in the disassembly of the bike. The technician at BMW of Denver had spoken with the Anchorage lead technician, since the Denver dealer had replacet the same part on two other bikes. They were optomistic that the bike would be ready later today. I took a short ride to the Portage Glacier. It was overcast and hazy again. I wanted to be back in Anchorage to hear if the bike was completed, so I rteturned to the hotel after the Portage Glacier and Visitor Center.

I also ttopped at a marsh just south of Anchorage to watch waterfowl as well as to watch people watching waterfowl.

The bike was completed at 5:30, so I began to pack and made plans to return the rental car and pick up the bike tomorrow morning.

Total mileage today: 120.

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