Day 20 - June 20

I ate a big breakfast, only my third 'real' breakfast since I left home. I left the Sawridge Inn early to take advantge of the morning light while heading down the Icefields Highway. I took a very leisurely pace and stopped at many points along the highway. There were lots of animals out this morning. There were also a lot more people than two weeks ago. It was a bright beautiful day with temperatures between 605 and 75 degrees. One of my favorite spots, Bow Lake, which was covered with ice two weeks ago, was clear and that deep turquise blue-green that is characteristic of the lakes and streams in this part of ALberta. After leaving the Icefields Highway, I continued on Highway 93 through BC, eventually leaving the Canada at the Roosville border crossing. I continued to Whitefish, Montana to stop for the night.



Total mileage today: 444.

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