Day 4 - June 4

I left Dawson Creek on the first leg of the Alaska Highway. I took a couple of detours to get on some of the old Alaska Highway. One really interesting section of the old highway was the Kiskatinaw curved wooden bridge, located in Kiskatinaw Provincial Park. It was in pretty rough shape, but like Route 66 in the US, there is a little history on the old road. There is not much of the old Alaska Highway left. The scenery is rugged but very nice. I have gotten in a rhythm of riding about 200 miles between stops so the miles go fairly fast. I am also getting really comfortable on this bike, my first of BMW's 'boxer' twins. It has a great road personality and has proven to be quite stable and capable. The huge gas tank will allow me to travel as far as I would like between stops. The speed limits are either 90 or 100kph so you don't cover miles at the same rate as in Colorado, but it is a ride you don't want to rush through. I stopped for the night in Watson Lake, Yukon. The town felt really strange and a fellow in Dawson City later confirmed that it is a town with a strange personality. I never felt uncomfortable, but there were a lot of people just loitering about outside the hotel. After I saw my room, I really wished I had chosen a different place to stay, but I was tired and committed at this point.

Total mileage today: 601.

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