Day 5 - Watson Lake, Yukon to Whitehorse, Yukon

Near Watson Lake It was overcast and cool as I traveled to Whitehorse Sign along the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Near Teslin on the Alaska Highway Overlooking Teslin Lake and the tof Teslin The bridge over Teslin Lake The bridge over Teslin Lake The bridge over Teslin Lake Lake Teslin The low clouds and the fog forming on the surface of the lake gave this an eerie feel This is something I saw quite a bit of.  They say there are two seasons in the Yukon - winter and road construction The Best Western Yukon lobby,  I suppose the Harley as decoration proves they are motorcytcle friendly Before I settled in for the evening, I had Yukon Honda install the new Continental knobbies.  These tires would be much better suited for the many miles of dirt roads planned for the next several days.  I will get the original dual purpose tires reinstalled  next week on my way back. This new rear tire will be much better in the mud The bike was parked out to the side of the hotel.  I had removed everything but the two Touratech crash bar bags when I parked it for the night.  There wasn't much of anything in the bags, just some camp food, wipes, toilet paper and the like.  During the night some indigents ransacked the bags and took all of the food, the insect repellant and the toilet paper, but left everything else strewn over the parking lot. The Best Western Gold Rush.  I chose this hotel because I needed Internet access for the night.  The room was nice, but they would not let me park the bike out front where it would be more visible.  They did let a Harley park out front later that evening.  I guess 'motorcycle' friendly' is brand specific. The Taylor house belonged to one of the founders of the first dry goods store in Whitehorse The Taylor house This sign was all over Canada.  Apparently the Best Western has a narrow definition of what a motorcycle is. Another shot of the eclectic lobby in the Gold Rush Inn